Heating Pad



A good heating therapy on the muscles greatly helps soothe the pain. Use the Medtech HandyPad HP-01 to relieve all the pain and get ready to take on your day again!

HandyPad HP-01 is our latest electric heating pad which is super convenient. It has three heating levels for you to set your perfect temperature and the soft velvet material makes sure that the heating pad is gentle on your body.

The HandyPad also comes with a thermostatic temperature controller and an automatic power supply cut mechanism to keep our customers utmost safe during the use of the product.

Features of Heating Pad

  • Thermostatic temperature controller
  • Auto-cut to avoid over-heating
  • Three heating levels for comfort and convenience
  • Low power Consumption
  • Made from soft Velvet Material
  • Convenient to use


Product Heating Pad
Model No. HP-01
Controller Yes
Illuminated Indicator Yes
Temperature Setting 3 setting (Low, Medium, High)
Maximum Temperature 80°C
Heating Pad Size 33.5 cm x 25 cm
Power Consumption 38 watt max
Washable Outer Cover Yes
Washable Heating Pad No
Cable Length 3 Meters
Power Requirement 220-240 VAC