Heating Therapy Pad



Heat therapy is easily one of the safest pain management techniques for pain relief available today.

Medtech Heating Pad makes heat therapy modern, safe and convenient for men and women to get through a busy day.

Our modern lifestyles cause alot of pressure on our backs leading to back pain. Around 80% of adults over 50 years old experience back pain in one form or another. Period cramps in women are also a major cause of distress, making it an additional thing to deal with while going through the day.

Busy professionals have a very hectic life and have very little time to take care of their bodies. The constant hustle and bustle of work is a major cause for back pain.

Heat therapy using the Medtech Handypad Heating Pad is one of the safest and most soothing ways to relieve pain.

The thermostatic temperature controller maintains the set temperature for longer than other heating pads. The three heating levels give the user the flexibility to choose their perfect heating temperature and help them get on with their day.

Features of Heating Pad

  • Dual Thermostatic Temperature Controller
  • Auto Power Cut-off
  • 3 Levels of Heating
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Made from soft velvet material


Silicon insulation on heating wire
Quality heating elements
Low power consumption
High quality dual thermostats for safety
Strong hook & loop (Velcro)
Long lasting elastic material
Outer cover made from soft fibres
Soft fabric with PVC laminated heating pad
3-meter-long power cable
Pad size - 33.5 cm X 25 cm
Illuminated Controller Indicator

In the Box

  • Medtech heating pad - Handypad
  • User manual

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  • 2 years warranty
  • In case of any repair or service requirements, just scan the QR code and fill the form, its that simple!