Steam Inhaler for Adults and Children



A convenient, practical, and portable solution that facilitates steam inhalation at home. The Medtechlife Handyvap is the best steam inhaler for colds & coughs, and other respiratory problems.

The Handyvap 200 is the latest addition to the Medtech Steam Inhaler range. It is ideal for children and adults.

Steam has been used for hundreds of years as a therapy for treating congestion, colds, and various ailments of the nose, throat, and upper respiratory area. Steam inhalers today have very convenient. They instantly create steam that can be inhaled for the best effect. Steam inhalers are very easy to use. Doctors worldwide recommend steam as a natural decongestant for anyone who is suffering from congestion, cold, or having trouble with sinusitis.

A steam inhaler essentially gives off a fine mist of steam that quickly reaches the inner areas of the nose, sinuses, and throat. The steam provides effective and quick relief to the user.

Features of Steam Inhaler for Adults and Children

  • Super Fine Steam
  • Instant Steam Production
  • One Button Operation
  • Auto Cut-Off
  • Compact Unique Design
  • Premium Quality
  • Long cord length of 1 meter
  • Aesthetic Design
  • Quiet Operation
  • Easy to Use
  • Bigger Water Tank: 200ml


Voltage 220-240V~, 50-60Hz
Rated Power 280W
Weight 500gm (approx.)

In The Box

  • 1 Medtech Steam Inhaler Handyvap VAP-200
  • User Manual

Best in class after sales service

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  • 1 year warranty
  • In case of any repair or service requirements, just scan the QR code on the box or the product, and fill the form, its that simple!