Medtech Home Oxygen concentrator

Medtech Oxygen Concentrator OXYTEC - PRO


  • Light Weight 16kg
  • American Make Valve & Motor
  • Sieve from France
  • Quiet Operation
  • Compact
  • Low power - Average 330 watts
  • Stainless Steel Outlet
  • Extensive Ventilation
  • Can be used without air conditioning.
  • 0-51pm up to 95% pure oxygen


  • Stainless Steel Oxygen outlet will not break during use.
  • Flow Indicator
  • Lockable flow Controller, in recessed cavity. Reduced chance of accidently changing flow during use
  • ON/OFF Switch when ON, is inside the machine body, reduced chance of accidently shutting off the machine
  • Reset switch on front panel
  • Front panel indicators for easy understanding of machine status.


  • To Strengthen your heart, reducing the risk of heart attacks
  • To Detoxify your Blood, Raise Energy Levels
  • To Improve Strength & Build Endurance
  • To Revitalize the skin
  • To Prevent disease, relieve hangovers
  • To Help fight off depression
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GTIN Number : 8906099800113