Medtech Handyneb Classic

Medtech Handyneb Classic


As the name suggests, HANDYNEB CLASSIC is a conventional yet powerful and reliable nebuliser. It comes with a powerful compressor and matched nebulizer kit that facilitates the medication to atomize into fine particles faster, they reach to your respiratory tracts more effectively and resulting in better medication compliance.

MEDTECHLIFE HANDYNEB CLASSIC comes with a fixed baffle medicine cup ensuring steady nebulisation as the non-detachable baffle prevents it from getting misplaced. If the baffle is lost or misplaced nebulisation is not possible.

This nebulizer is absolutely a compact one, its light weight and low noise level makes HANDYNEB CLASSIC pretty easy to use.


  • Very powerful & reliable piston compressor nebulizer especially for professional & intensive use.
  • Powerful compressor and matched nebulizer kit, ensures medication is atomized into fine particles faster reaching respiratory tracts more effectively and resulting in a better medication compliance
  • Wide Range of accessories available.
  • Piston Type
  • Low Noise Level
  • Compact
  • Light Weight
  • Safe fuse: Better Safety


Type of Compressor
Maximum 2.5 bar
Air Flow
Minimum 8 LPM
Noise at 1 meter
Less at 60 dBA
Operating Times
60 min ON 30 min OFF
Particle Size
MMAD Approx. 2.13um
Power Supply
220 V AC 120 V AC 220 V AC 120 V
Power Consumption
90-watt maximum
Dimensions / Weight
140mm x 146mm x 101mm, 1.35kg approximate

GTIN Number : 8906099800038