Best Home Oxygen Concentrator



The best oxygen concentrator in India that gives you a constant supply of oxygen with a purity of up to 95%!

Home Oxygen Concentrator
With an industry-leading efficient design consuming only 330 watts of power, the Medtech Oxytec Smart conveniently provides a continuous flow of oxygen at your home. It helps maintain a patient's need to maintain quality of life and independence.

Intended Medical Use
The oxygen concentrator has the capacity to pump up to 5 Litres per minute of high-level oxygen. Mainly prescribed for Pneumonia, Asthma, RDS, and BPD patients to reduce breathing-related complications.

Highest Oxygen Purity
The Medtech oxygen concentrator separates oxygen from the ambient air and filters it to produce a high concentration oxygen supply. The concentrator supplies up to 5 LPM (up to 95% oxygen level) concentrated oxygen to alleviate breathing issues.

Easier & Safer Method
There are no confusing electronic controls to operate the unit easily. Equipped with Transom Filter, Intake Filter, Humidifier, Oxygen Tube, Power Cord, Power Switch, Safety Valve, and all other needed parts to ensure the delivery of purified oxygen safely.

The flow adjuster helps you conveniently adjust the flow rate of the oxygen. The one-button push operation makes the oxygen concentrator very easy to use and convenient even for people in old age.

Advanced Features
The power loss, high and low-pressure alarm function and high and low-temperature alarm function makes its operations more convenient and reliable. The attached humidifier bottle maintains oxygen humidity to avoid respiratory discomfort during usage.

Sturdy, Safe & Easy To Roll
Comes in a plastic outer shell for sturdy use. While to ensure the safety of the compressor and concentrator, they both are heat protective. With 16 Kg weight and casters, you can easily roll it from one room to another for convenient use.

Features of Best Home Oxygen Concentrator

  • Made in India by Medtech
  • Light Weight 16kg
  • 0-5 LPM upto 95% pure oxygen
  • Super Quiet Operation
  • Compact Design
  • Low power Consumption - Average 330 watts
  • Stainless Steel Outlet
  • Extensive Ventilation Design


  • Stainless Steel Oxygen outlet will not break during use.
  • Flow Indicator
  • Lockable flow Controller, in recessed cavity. Reduced chance of accidentally changing flow during use
  • ON/OFF Switch when ON, is inside the machine body, reduced chance of accidentally shutting off the machine
  • Reset switch on front panel
  • Front panel indicators for easy understanding of machine status.
  • Flow Rate : 1 - 5 lpm
  • O2 Concentration - 90% + 5.5% / - 3%
  • Power Consumption - 300 watts approximately
  • Weight - 35 lbs (16 kg) approximately
  • Alarms :
    Power Failure
    Low Pressure
    High Pressure
    Valve error

In the box

  • Medtech Oxytec Smart Oxygen Concentrator
  • Humidifier Bottle
  • Cannula Tubing
  • Outlet Tubing
  • User Manual