Handyneb Nebulizer



Keep your respiratory problems at bay with MEDTECH Handyneb Classic Nebulizer - A compact and powerful nebulizer ideal for patients experiencing respiratory conditions like asthma, COPD, sinus, and most respiratory conditions. The Handyneb Classic is the most compact nebulizer of the Medtech range of nebulizers. Its compact size enables users to easily carry the product around and reduce any hassles while operating.

Manufactured by MEDTECH LIFE Pvt. Ltd., the largest manufacturer of nebulizers in India. This device is designed to convert saline water and medications of different viscosities into a fine aerosol mist which facilitates the medicines to reach deep into the lungs with maximum absorption.

The MEDTECH Handyneb Classic is BPA-free assuring you of the quality of the product.

The innovative integrated baffle design ensures that you never lose any parts of the nebulization cup, thus letting you have a hassle-free usage of the product.

We have designed the product such that it has extensive ventilation and can also be wall-mounted.

Manufactured in India by MEDTECH LIFE (the largest manufacturer of Nebulizers in India).

Features of Handyneb Nebulizer

  • 3 ball bearings instead of 2 for smoother running
  • Powerful and Long Lasting Piston Compressor for extensive and long term use
  • Extensive ventilation design optimized for Indian conditions
  • 2 part integrated medicine bottle ensures the baffle is not lost
  • Safety fuse included for better safety
  • Both child and adult masks included
  • Low noise level operation
  • Compact design
  • Made in India


Type of Compressor Piston
Pressure Maximum 2.5 bar
Air Flow Minimum 8 LPM
Noise at 1 meter Less at 60 dBA
Operating Times 60 min ON 30 min OFF
Particle Size MMAD Approx. 2.13um
Power Supply 220 V AC 120 V AC 220 V AC 120 V
Medicine bottle capacity 10 ml

In The Box

  • Medtech Handyneb Classic Nebulizer
  • Adult Mask
  • Child Mask
  • Mouth Piece
  • Nebulization Bottle
  • 2 meter long tube
  • 2 filters
  • User Manual

Best in class after sales service

Customer satisfaction is our first priority

  • 1 year warranty
  • In case of any repair or service requirements, just scan the QR code on the box or the product, and fill the form, its that simple!