Handy Digital Thermometer


TMP 01

Medtech Handy TMP 01 DIGITAL THERMOMETER is the ideal thermometer for home and hospital use. The high accuracy sensor makes sure you get an accurate reading every time.

It is packed with useful features like:
Automatic Shut-off - The thermometer is smart to switch off when the reading is not taking place. Hence making sure that you get long battery life. Storage Case Included - The Medtech Thermometer has a storage case in the box, making it convenient for you to store your thermometer. F/C Switchable - The thermometer has a dual scale, and the unit can be changed between Fahrenheit and Celcius with the use of just one button Suitable For Full Family - One unit serves the entire family.

A thermometer is a must-have for any family, and it is an essential device one should have in their first aid kit. Most common sicknesses have an element of fever in them, and an accurate thermometer helps you monitor and track the person's temperature at regular intervals, which makes the diagnosis and symptom management more straightforward.

GTIN Number : 8906099800083

Features of Handy Digital Thermometer

  • Digital, Fast & Convenient
  • High Accuracy Sensor
  • Automatic Shut off
  • One unit serves the full family
  • Storage Case Included
  • No Mercury


Measuring range 35.5 º C – 42.0 º C / (95.9-109.4) º F
Measurement Resolution 0.1
Battery DC 1.5 V TYPE –LR41

In The Box

  • Medtech Handy TMP01 Digital Thermometer
  • Storage Case
  • User Manual

Best in class after sales services

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  • 1 year warranty
  • In case of any repair or service requirements, just scan the QR code on the box or the product, and fill the form, its that simple!