Handy Digital Thermometer


TMP 01

A thermometer proves to be convenient in times of physical sickness. Fever is naturally the first symptom for most illnesses and having a thermometer definitely helps in the early detection of the same. Having a Digital Thermometer is a must for a home first aid kit.

The Handy TMP01 Thermometer from MedtechLife is the right choice to take care of you and your family. With features like in-built memory, automatic shut-off, and maximum error range of 0.1º C and very high accuracy, it is the digital thermometer of choice for doctors across the country.

GTIN Number : 8906099800083

Features of Handy Digital Thermometer

  • One unit serves entire family
  • Safe... Unbreakable
  • Dependable accuracy
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Digital fast and convenient
  • Memory


Battery DC 1.5 V TYPE –LR41
Resolution 0.1
Storage Conditions -25 º C-55 º C < 85% RH
Measuring range 35.5 º C – 42.0 º C / (95.9-109.4) º F
Max Error 0.1 º C / 0.2 º F
Working conditions 10 º C -35 º C < 80% RH