Digital Thermometer


TMP 03

A thermometer proves to be convenient in times of physical sickness. Fever is naturally the first symptom for most illnesses and having a thermometer definitely helps in the early detection of the same. Having a Digital Thermometer is a must for a home first aid kit.

The Handy TMP03 Thermometer from MedtechLife is the right choice to take care of you and your family. It has multiple features like Automatic shut off, in-built memory function, high accuracy of readings and a strong polycarbonate body. We have also added a new feature of a beeper which makes a sound to let the user know when the reading is complete.

The thermometer also comes with a carrying case that lets you keep it safe when not in use.

Features of Digital Thermometer

  • One unit serves entire family
  • Safe... Unbreakable
  • Dependable accuracy
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Digital fast and convenient
  • Memory
  • Beeper


Type Maximum thermometer
Measurement Range 32.0 °C~42.9° C
Low Temperature Display Temperature < 32.0°C: display L for low (too low)
High Temperature Display Temperature ≥ 32.0°C: display H for high (too high)
Display resolution +0.1°C
Measurement Accuracy ±0.1°C
Fever beep Sound
(≥ 37.5°C)
12 short beep sounds in 4 seconds
Normal beep sound
(< 37.5°C)
4 long beep sounds in 4 seconds
Auto power off 8 minutes 40 seconds
Battery 1.5/1.55V; LR 41
Life of Battery 1,000 times of measurement
Operating Condition Temperature :16°C~40°C, / Humidity: 15%~95%RH noncondensing
Storage Condition Temperature: -25°C~55°C / Humidity: 15%~95%RH noncondensing
Reference to Standards EN 12470-3, clinical thermometers; ASTM E1112; IEC 60601-1; IEC 60601-1-2 (EMC)